Welcome to Marbled Arts.
We are a professional full-time paper marbling studio based in Florence in the Italy from 1999.
We have a range of more 100  hand marbled papers and are adding new ones all the time. We also offer a range of services from paper matching and bespoke and custom orders to Licensing. In addition to our standard marble paper designs we have  a large collection of both traditional and contemporary marbling.
We produce our marbled paper for bookbinders, publishers, designers, interiors, restorers and retailers.
Trade and wholesale customers are welcome.

Marbled papers are created by skilled artist Laura Berretti, our collection of traditionally marbled papers will please the most discerning craftsman. These papers are made using traditional techniques and tools, often taking up to 20 minutes to complete each sheet's pattern.The results are always unique, organic and beautiful.
Marbled Arts di Laura Berretti based in Florence are pleased to offer a range of Fine Hand Marbled Papers. A selection of decorated and decorative papers to the Bookbinding and Publishing industry, Retailers, Restorers and Enthusiasts.

Our website enables you to purchase our marbled papers via our online shop but we still welcome orders via email.
Our marbled papers can be despatched worldwide.
If you have any questions or would like to contact us to discuss bespoke work, special projects, commissions or would like a quotation please do not hesitate to email  us on info@marbledarts.com


Laura Berretti "...Here at Marble Arts you will have the chance to rediscover the ancient art of coloring Florentine paper. I am sure that this fascinating world will also attract those people who are not familiar with the old crafts becouse they are mainly focused on new technology and do not really care about the past and its culture. Someone may wonder why I like this job so much. Here is my answer: "Maybe I will become rich or famous one day , but most of all I want my handicraft creations to give hope in a more humane world where kids in the Third World work and many jobs are underpaid". I feel that my job gives me the opportunity to show how gratifying and rewarding this art is. I wish to demonstrate it through my work-memory in the actual place where art becomes real. My simple creations which I make daily really mean that it is still possible to give a face to my own work."     

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Laura Berretti

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